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Booster Colour Mill

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Colour Mill is fairly new to the game, but shaking the baking industry with their high quality products! With rich & vibrant colors, this product is allergen free, vegan, Halal suitable, and Kosher suitable. This product is used to intensify your color through emulsification. Adding Booster, you will achieve a deep color using less colouring - it's like magic! (almost), and improves fluidity in chocolate. 


If you are struggling to achieve vibrant colors, this product may do the trick! Add approximately 1 drop per 100g of product. Add gel colouring to chocolate by mixing with Booster (approximately 3 parts Booster to 1 part gel). Shake well before use, gradually apply as colors will develop over time. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight

** If using Colour Mill colours to dye, you will not need Booster. This product is designed to improve less effective products**


(1) Bottle of Booster Colour Mill

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